Makdous can Durra 400g

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Makdous: It is a small eggplant stuffed with peppers, nuts, garlic and spicy sauce, dipped in olive oil and kept in homes throughout the year.

It is one of the traditional oriental appetizers in Middle Eastern countries in particular … It has a specific season, which is the season of the arrival of small eggplants to the markets … Where our mothers and grandmothers go to buy them and pick them one by one, Makdou is a delicious snack throughout the year and in the month of Ramadan in particular. The product is eaten with salads, or with bread, preferably Arabic bread, as a light and healthy breakfast or dinner. It is distinguished by its irresistible taste, distinctive smell and high quality.

Ingredients: eggplant, vegetable oil, nuts, garlic, salt.


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