Mixed Aleppo Thyme Ossraty 450g

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Za’atar: It is a very popular mix of spices whose use is centered in the Arab cuisine of the Middle East. This mixture is popular in some of the cuisines of Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine. Sometimes this mixture can be called: zaatar, zatar or zahatar. Its flavor is slightly acidic and aromatic. It is very versatile and allows us to season all kinds of food, from meats, fish and vegetables, but also breads and cakes.

The Zataar of Aleppo is a type of thyme and a vegetable mixture that the city of Aleppo in Syria is famous for. Includes cumin, dried thyme leaves and anise. Aleppo thyme is one of the best types of thyme. Sumac flower is added to the mix, which is known for its natural acidity and is a substitute for industrial lemon salt. Some add dried pomegranate to it. Or peanuts, sesame, and coriander, plus other ingredients that differ from person to person.

Ingredients: sesame, sumac, dried oregano, dried thyme, fresh thyme, cumin, black pepper, salt and pistachio.


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