Zaatar Green Durra 400g

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Zaatar: (also called zatar or za’tar) is a Middle Eastern specialty that will give a lot of option in your kitchen. It is delicious and very useful to give a touch of extra flavor to all kinds of dishes.

Zaatar is a mixture of spices and herbs typical of Arabic cuisine and widely used in Middle Eastern countries. Like any popular recipe, there are countless variations, but most are made with thyme and oregano. More complex mixtures can include salt, marjoram, fennel, coriander and toasted sesame seeds. Up to here we would have a zaatar where the green color predominates, but there is another variant, also very popular to which sumac is also added in which the red color of the ingredient predominates and which also contributes a touch of acidity to the mixture.


Ingredients: thyme leaves, wheat, sesame, salt, sumac, fennel, anise, coriander, oil


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